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How To Photograph

by: John Franco, Photographer

Photographs are the simplest and hardest art form to accomplish. As an mom wanting to photography a baby or a loved ones, getting the shot is every thing because kids like to move around. this is why it is critical to know how to photograph good pictures and know how to compose your subject.
A subject can be a person, place or thing. Photographing them is all a matter of knowing what you like to see when you print you picture or images. To begin with we need a camera whether it a point and shoot, disposable, or high end SLR (single lens reflex camera with interchangeable lenses.)
A good start is to learn how to photograph with your camera phone because they are always with you and can take very good pictures. Once you feel you have mastered the cell phones camera feature it is time to get a more serious camera.
I have found that today's all in one cameras that can photograph and shot video are a a good step towards taking better pictures and have those special memories for family and friends.
Point and shot cameras give you a wide range of features and options that would cost you thousands if you purchased a complete SLR camera outfit with lenses and other attachments.

One of the most forgotten aspects of learning how to photograph is how to compose a picture. To begin with we should learn how to look through the view finder and not the display screen. Looking through the cameras view finder lends for a steadier shot and less chances of camera shake and blur witch can ruin your once in a life time shot like the first kiss at a wedding or a child blowing out the candelas.
When you hold the camera up to your eye the left or right is your preference. You should look at the edges of the view finder to see what is around your subject and then at your subject so you know how to best compose your photograph and take that special picture with any do over's. Some scenes cant be done over. Another most valuable lesson is to try and keep both eyes open and and your elbows tucked in and keep a firm stance to get a steady shot and see everything around you and set up your next picture so not to waist valuable time. Because special moments last just moments.

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The next part when learning how to photograph is knowing your light. There are many forms of light, Day light, Sun light, Cloudy light, Shady light, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light and Flash light. I always like to photograph with the flash on indoors and out. Of course if I am shooting landscapes or my subject is out of flash distance I don't use it because it wont reach the subject and you will waste battery power and blind your subject for no reason. Know you cameras flash to subject distance. If you are learning to photograph try and take the same picture with diff rent ISO settings like 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and most cameras today have 3200. You will see the power of you flash at that point and your depth of field will chance with each photograph. Rule of thumb is out doors sunny f/16 at 100 to 200 ISO and indoors 400 to 3600. The higher the ISO the less dense you negative or jpegs will be because the setting or high speed is less sensitive to light.

This is why a flash is sometimes more valuable then a camera is. Because your light is you paint that is why photographers say we paint with light. A flash out door will fill shadows, lighten dark areas and give your photographs a snappy look. The next best friend a photographer has is a tripod.
Always have a tripod handy and if you have a point and shoot you need a light weight one. This allows you to get in the pictures and get steady night shots.

A good resource is to buy a how to take photograph or how to be a photographer book to learn about photography. If you search the net you can attend trade shows and photography seminars by local camera retail stores trying to earn your business. Photography books are a good learning source they are filled with great ideas and facts about cameras especially photography magazines. Magazines compare cameras. If you go to a retail store like PC Richard or Best Buy they let you keep the cameras for 30 days and return them in sellable condition. this allows you to try out diff rent brands and models. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fugi, Panasonic and Sanyo are all good brands and have many different models to chose from. Panasonic is what I have for a family point and shot and it can do allot at 24 power zoom. Canon has 35 power zoom and paparazzi are buying these cameras because they can zoom in on a dime. In photo mode or video mode. All the higher priced point and shot cameras can record in 1080p and and are at least 14 mega pixel and have CMOS censors.

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The next important tool to take great pictures is to have photo editing software or a program. A good one can be purchased used on ebay or Amazon or one will come with your new camera. Once you learn the basics of photo editing your pictures will be transformed and you will amaze your friends with a new learned photo skill.

While you are interested in how to photograph there are many fun things you can do and learn while learning how to photograph and take great pictures. If you have any questions about photography or video or learning photography I can answer any question by e-mail.

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